Parish Papers

Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum)

New Philadelphia Moravian Church

  • NPMC: Introduction & Guidebook for Members, Friends and Visitors. Newly updated! A Complete Guidebook for those who are interested in taking advantage of the many worship, learning, fellowship, and service opportunities at New Philadelphia.
  • NPMC: Strategic Goals Distilled from several dozen Tactical Goals that grew out of a weekend planning retreat during the fall of 2013.
  • NPMC: Church Calendar A Link to the Church’s On-Line Calendar. It is updated virtually everyday.
  • NPMC: Church Constitution A Copy of the Rules & Regulations of New Philadelphia Moravian Church. We use it to govern ourselves as fairly as possible.
  • NPMC: Christian Education Constitution The Rules & Regulations that guide our Christian Education Committee.
  • NPMC: Youth Constitution The Rules & Regulations that guide our Youth Committee in its work.
  • NPMC: Safe Sanctuary Policy A policy developed by our Human Resources Advisory Committee, approved by our Joint Board and mandated by our Synod to insure adults and children are in healthy and supportive relationships during times of worship, study and fellowship.
  • NPMC: Use of the Church Property A paper describing how we use and care for our church’s building. This document is very useful for those who are planning a wedding or other event at New Philadelphia.
  • NPMC: Property Request Form Fill out this form and submit it on-line if you wish to reserve a room in the church. (You may also fill it out, print, and fax it – number provided on form.)
  • NPMC: Using the TV/Monitor A paper describing how to use the TV/Monitor for those who reserve the Banquet Room.
  • NPMC: Wedding Contract Rules & Regulations for having your wedding at New Philadelphia. This document was prepared by our joint board to insure that everything goes exactly right with your wedding.
  • NPMC: Marriage Ceremony The Marriage Ceremony ordinarily used by our pastors. Use it to help plan your wedding.
  • NPMC: Pastor’s Tea Program The Liturgy used by Dr. Green in one of the Pastor’s Teas. More than 400 ladies have now attended one of the teas. They are held several times each year on an afternoon during the week. Contact the Church Office if you wish to be included in the next invitation.
  • NPMC: Elders & Trustees This list includes the year that an officer finishes his or her term.
  • NPMC: Committee Appointments A list of all the committees that serve New Philadelphia, including the names of those that chair and serve on the committees.
  • NPMC: Greeters List The Elder & Trustee Greeter Assignments for 2018
  • NPMC: Liability Release Form Use this form if your child is participating on an outing with our youth.
  • NPMC: Membership Application PDF Use this form to electronically submit your membership application after speaking with a pastor about membership.
  • NPMC: Membership Application MSWord 97 or Later Use this form to fill out your membership application in a Word Form Document which you can then email to our Church Secretary via the included link.
  • NPMC: Funeral and Graveyard Regulations Recently adopted by the Trustees, this is a guide for those planning interments in our graveyard or placements in our columbarium.
  • NPMC: Pre-Planned Funeral Forms At the request of several members, we have started to update our file of Pre-Planned Funeral Services. If you are interested, download the PDF file, print it, fill it out, and put it in the mail or drop it by the church office.