The following were elected to serve as Elders and Trustees on our Boards beginning January 2013:

Elders: Nancy Renn, Nancy Holland, Tara Pitts

Trustees: Scott Huddleston, David Dease, John Geis III, Frank Nifong

Karl Stimpson was elected to serve as an RCC representative

Beth Byrd was elected to serve as 2013 Council Secretary and Merle Tedder will be her assistant.

The Boards of Elders and Trustees each have separate spheres of activity and are not to interfere with one another in the performance of their respective duties; one having charge of the spiritual, and the other of the temporal concerns of the church; yet it is desirable that they should be on terms of brotherly cooperation and confer together in such cases as may arise where each Board is interested, or where such mutual conference may result for the good of the congregation. When the two Boards are meeting together, they shall constitute and be known as the Joint Board.

– NPMC Constitution Section 3 Joint Board

You may review the duties of our Boards here

Be in prayer for our Boards as they have accepted the call to serve in their respective positions.

Thank you to those who are retiring members of the Board of Elders for their service – Kevin Beeson,  Sandra Chitty, and Patrick Linville.
And to those who are retiring members of the Board of Trustees for their service –  Kay Adams, Bill Byrd, Rick Green, Susie Tickle



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