The following persons were elected as delegates to the 2014 Synod. They are listed in Alphabetical Order:

  • Bill Byrd
  • Nick Chrysson
  • David Daggett
  • Nancy Holland
  • Jack Geis
  • Patrick Linville
  • Bill Sides
  • Ron Tedder
  • Kay Windsor

The following persons were elected as alternates to the 2014 Synod. They are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Lacy Bellomy
  • Tony Bigham
  • Dee Henry
  • Joe Jarvis
  • Sarah MacReynolds
  • Tom Nelson
  • George Troxler

2014 Provincial Synod


What is Synod?

The Synod is the highest constitutional body of a province of the Moravian Church.

Why have a Synod?

The Book of Order provides some specific responsibilities of Synod:


  • To worship and pray together, and seek God’s guidance and direction for the church.
  • To consider and to provide vision, direction  and expectations for the mission and ministries of the Province,  its boards, agencies and congregations.
  • To legislate matters regarding constitution, worship and congregational life, following principles laid down by the Unity Synod of the world-wide Moravian Church.
  • To hold elections for provincial and inter-provincial boards and agencies, for bishops, and for delegates to the Unity Synod of the Moravian Church.


When is Synod?

The 2014 Synod of the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province will be held April 3-6, 2014.


Where is Synod?

The 2014 Synod will be held at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, Black Mountain, NC.  The center is located on 1200 mountain acres near I-40, with housing for all delegates in comfortable lodges, and includes a dining room overlooking woods and streams, a main conference facility and small group meeting areas.


Who goes to Synod?

All pastors under call are delegates to Synod.  Every congregation has one lay delegate for every 125 adult communicant members.  Small congregations are entitled to one delegate in addition to the pastor.   Each Fellowship is represented by a fraternal delegate. Provincial boards and agencies are also represented, as are retired pastors and certified, full-time DCEs.


How are delegates chosen?

Election of delegates takes place at a Church Council.  All communicant members may vote.   A majority is necessary for election, and an alternate is elected for each delegate.  At least 20% of the nominees must be elected members of the Board(s).  Congregations are encouraged to elect delegates from various age groups.


What is the role of a delegate?

A delegate is not a “representative” of the congregation, in the restrictive nature of the term; they are not, in other words, someone who is instructed to vote a certain way by the congregation or leadership. They are a person called out of the congregation because of the character of their Christian living and the depth of maturity of their relationship with Christ, the congregation, the Province, and their brothers and sisters in Christ. It is expected that this maturity will give them insight to discern the direction God desires for the Moravian Church Southern Province. As such, they are sent with prayers and with the guidance of the Spirit to use their gifts and maturity to think about and respond to the matters at Synod of their own conviction. The Book of Order states that a delegate, “must not lose sight of the interests of the Province and of the Unity as a whole,” even as they consider the perspective of their home congregation.


What do delegates do?

Responsibilities and expectations for delegates include:

  • To pray before and during Synod for God’s leading and direction for the Province.
  • To invest  preparation time to understand the process of Synod, including parliamentary procedures and voting.
  • To read and reflect on reports and information from the boards and agencies of the Province.
  • To become knowledgeable about nominees for various elected offices and membership on boards.
  • To attend and participate in the September 28, 2013 gathering of delegates for orientation.
  • To take an active part in Synod itself, including: worship; total group sessions for business, elections, and consideration of resolutions;  and participating in a smaller working group.
  • To share, interpret and help implement the results of and direction set by Synod.


September 28, 2013:  A one-day pre-Synod delegate gathering for orientation and preparation to be held at New Philadelphia

Fall 2013:  Delegates receive reports from boards, agencies and institutions and begin concentrated preparation for Synod.

Early 2014:  Pastors and delegates meet together for further orientation.

March 2, 2014:  Commissioning Sunday for Synod Delegates, devotional preparation begins.

April 3, 2014:  Delegates arrive at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, in Black Mountain, NC.



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