Dinner Club groups have enjoyed getting to know each other better through food and fellowship. The first dinner of the new round will be in April. Individual groups can schedule dates for their monthly get-togethers based on what is most convenient for the group. This is a great opportunity to get to know both old & new members of our congregation.

The Dinner Club is open to singles and couples. Each team or group includes 8 – 10 people (singles and couples).  Each group has a coordinator.  The coordinator hosts the first month’s dinner.  Each month (or as often as the group decides), another individual or couple serves as host.  The host(s) is (are) in charge of coordinating the dinner for that month.  That couple or individual can choose to meet at their favorite restaurant, cook dinner at their home for the group, plan a picnic dinner at a park, have a potluck – you name it!  You’re only limited by your imagination and sense of fun!