A Workshop for 5th & 6th Graders and Their Parents on Faith & Human Sexuality


Friday Afternoon Tween Session – 4:30-6:30pm

Friday Evening Parent Session – 7:30-9:45pm

Saturday Tween Session – 9:45am-2:15pm  (lunch provided)

Saturday Tween & Parent Session 2:15-5pm

$25 event cost for full weekend

Download your registration form here – Registrations Due _________

He, She, We and God is taught by Jenny Beaumont.  Jenny is an Episcopal educator, a trained facilitator and teacher currently on staff at Christ Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC.  She brings 15 years experience in education and ministry to the dynamic conversation that connects the experience of faith with our sexuality. She leads workshops on Christian Faith and Human Sexuality throughout North Carolina.

The focus of our event is comprehensive faith and human sexuality seminar taught over a Friday afternoon and Saturday.   The program is based on universal needs of tweens (older elementary children) and their parents.  To honor and lift up parents as the primary sexuality educators for their children, the program involves parents as an integral part of the conversation.

The program is a developmentally appropriate, creatively interactive, faith-based approach to sexuality that lays human sexuality in the context of faith.  Direct and indirect teaching around God’s creation, scripture, and sexuality as gifts from God are intertwined throughout the workshop.  Conversations and teaching around the stewardship of gifts, responsible behavior, and God’s grace and love abound in this workshop.

For questions, please contact Evie Blum or view this FAQ.



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