More about Intentional Interim Ministry:

I want to keep sharing as much as I can about what we will be doing together over the next several  months – so that we can be prepared to engage in the process as the Transition Team leads us.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are five phases or modules to Intentional interim Ministry:  Heritage, Mission, Leadership, Connections, and Future.  Unless the Transition Team decides differently (which will be a part of their orientation to be offered as soon as possible after the team is in place), we will begin with Heritage.

Heritage basically asks the congregation to consider questions like:  

What has made us who we are today?
How do we acknowledge that at this pivotal time in the church’s history?
How will our past influence the future to which we believe God is calling us?
Is there anything the church needs to resolve or deal with before we can move forward?

We might look at those (and other similar) questions in a variety of ways.  Again, the specific approach will be recommended by the Transition Team.  But whatever they come up with as we meet, ample opportunity will be provided for New Philadelphia’s membership to give input.

The bottom line:  Heritage helps us begin to determine what (if anything) unique to this church “must be” part of what we continue to do in the days ahead, what (if anything) is no longer as effective as it once was, and what (if anything) needs to be set in place to help New Philadelphia continue the mission to which God has called it?

Once we are satisfied that we have “done due diligence” with Heritage, we will move to Mission – if that’s how the Transition Team sees the progression.  More about that later!

In the meantime, let me say three things again:  thank you for entering into this important process, I am delighted to share the journey with you, and please let me know when I can help in any way!

~ Larry Jones