The New Friendship Class hosts their fall yard sale on Saturday, October 5 beginning at 7 a.m. at the church pavilion. Donations accepted at the pavilion on Friday, October 4. Kindly refer to the list below regarding items that are no longer accepted.

The Rescue Mission has always picked up our leftover items at the end of each yard sale. Recently they have re-evaluated what they will not be able to accept due to the Mission’s clean-up costs and landfill bills.
Please study the ‘NO’ list below; and as always, we thank you for supporting this effort.
•No damaged or soiled upholstered or wood furniture
•No mattresses at all
•No refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners
•No inappropriate logo clothing, mugs, clocks, etc.
•No newspapers or magazines
•No auto parts or tires
•No lawnmowers or other gas powered equipment
•No cleaning supplies, paint or other chemicals
•Nothing with mold or mildew
•No items damaged or broken
•No TV’s older than 7 years, must be flat screen and must work properly, no consoles
•No drop side cribs
•No organs or pianos (will accept portable electronic keyboards in working condition)
•No office desks larger than 30” x 60” excluding modular styles
•No unframed mirrors
•No glucose testers or similar devices
•No potty chairs (adult or children)
•No wet clothing
•No item having bugs of any type (roaches, bedbugs, ants, lice, etc.)


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