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Dear Friends,
One of my favorite passages in the Gospels is Matthew chapter 10. It’s a pretty long chapter (40 verses) but I believe it summarizes ministry and mission in 5 concrete steps:

1. Jesus called his disciples in
2. He knew them by name
3. He gave them instructions
4. He gave them authority; and
5. He sent them out

Isn’t that what Jesus does with us in and through the church?

We are called in to be part of the Body of Christ. He knows us by name (and we get to know more about him and more about each other). We receive instructions and authority from God’s Word. And then we are sent out into the community and the world to share what we have and what we know.

That second step is so important! Matthew chapter 10 lists the names of all 12 disciples because they were important to Jesus. Getting to know each other and getting to know Jesus and inviting Jesus to get to know more about us is part of an overall plan that has been around for about 2000 years.

In this Lenten Devotional Guide we will see lots of names — many of them will be familiar and others may not be. It’s amazing and comforting to know that Jesus knows all of us… by name. He knows your name!

On a few of the days during Lent you will see that there is simply a passage of Scripture (the Daily Texts for that day). These verses can help us know more about God and about ourselves. On those days, simply take these 4 steps:

1. Read the verse (with your full attention, and, if possible, with “fresh vision,” as if reading it for the first time)
2. Meditate on the verse (Is there a word or phrase that touches your heart in a special way?).
3. Say a prayer that reflects what your mind and heart have learned from the verses.
4. Contemplate what impact the verses might have on your day… and beyond.

I look forward to seeing your names and joining you on this journey as we walk together throughout these 47 days, always remembering that… “He knows your name!”

Pastor Sam


This is the tenth consecutive year that we have produced a Lenten Devotion Guide here at New Philadelphia. As always, thanks goes to everyone who helped create this Guide, including our writers for sharing their thoughts about their assigned passages, and Paula Chrysson for providing graphic design and layout. And a big shout out to the young artists who provided beautiful artwork for this guide!



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