LENTEN GATHERINGS:       “Lent In Plain Sight”

Thursdays in Lent at 7:00 p.m. in the Banquet Room.


  • 2         Lenten Gathering I   (Dust and Bread)
  • 9         Lenten Gathering II  (The cross and Coins)
  • 16       Lenten Gathering III (Shoes and Oil)
  • 23       Lenten Gathering IV (Coats and Towels)
  • 30       Lenten Gathering V  (Thorns and Stones)


In this devotion for the season of Lent, Jill J. Duffield draws participants’ attention to ten ordinary objects that Jesus would have encountered on his way to Jerusalem: dust, bread, the cross, coins, shoes, oil, coats, towels, thorns, and stones. In each object, participants will find meaning in the biblical account of Jesus’ final days. Each week, participants encounter a new object to consider through Scripture, prayer, and reflection. From Ash Wednesday to Easter, Lent in Plain Sight reminds Christians to open ourselves to the kingdom of God.  

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