A joint venture between the Open Door Lunch and the New Friendship class was successfully completed August 20 with the delivery to South Fork Elementary School of sixty book bags filled with school supplies. The Open Door Lunch outreach ministry raised $695 to purchase school supplies to fill the sixty book bags purchased by the New Friendship Class.  Many of you also donated supplies.

New Friendship class members spent two fun filled days, counting, shopping, and filling the bags.  Special thanks go to David and Chris Stanfield’s grandchildren, Jacob and Natalie, who kept the adults organized and focused.  We even have some money left over so we are going to purchase some items in bulk for the teachers at South Fork. This project is such a gift to families who don’t have the means to purchase so many supplies.

Ms. Terry Murphy, (pictured above) Home/School Coordinator at South Fork, was “…delighted to accept sixty filled book bags. We will give them to students who need the help.  Our school appreciates all that New Philadelphia Moravian does for the students and staff at our school. This is great. Thank you.”

At New Philadelphia we know that serving our community is truly a Christian privilege.


This article can also be read in our September newsletter; more pictures will be posted with the article at that time.

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