Submit your news article to submit@NewPhilly.Org. We will do our best to give your event full overage.If you include pictures related to your event in your email we will try to use them. Send pictures in a horizontal format that is at least 900 pixels wide and not more than 1200 pixel wide in medium quality. Send only pictures that you have taken. Send only 1, 2, or 3 of your best photo’s from any event. Send no pictures that could embarass an individual in your party. Send no pictures that reveal anyone’s name—-such as an individual wearing a name. We reserve the right to Crop, Edit, or Not Use any pictures submitted. Your email should not exceed 1 Megabyte in size. Questions? Call our Administrative Assistant, Rachel Weavil, in the church office at 336-765-2331. Thank-you for your submission.

PS: We wish to thank Emma for the use of her beautiful drawing!

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