The Moravian Covenant for Christian Living was formerly known as The Brotherly Agreement of the Moravian Church. The name has changed, but, more than ever, it is heartily recommended for use in the congregations of The Moravian Church in America, Northern Province and Southern Province.


This Moravian Covenant for Christian Living is an attempt to state in clear arrangement and contemporary form a document which has long served the Moravian Church. The Church today has need of a clear statement of its faith and life through which each member may become aware of the nature of his/her Christian commitment. Such a document can become an invaluable aid in the instruction of both new and present members and a meaningful guide in the expression of the Christian life. That such a revision of the Agreement should have been made is entirely in harmony with the spirit of the early Moravian Church which believed that all forms should be updated and made relevant to the present life of the Church.

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