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Intro to NPMC is a PDF FAQ containing all you want to know about New Philadelphia in one place.

Valuable Documents includes a list of all the documents that we use to govern ourselves here at New Philadelphia, as well as a selection of documents important to the life, witness and ministry of our Moravian Church.

Moravian History is a PDF of “A Short History of the Moravian Church,” written by the Rt. Rev. Herbert Spaugh (late), and revised by the Dr. Worth Green.

Moravian Stuff runs to a page of pages & post about the Moravian Denomination.

Moravian Slideshow runs to a PDF of a slideshow about the history, customs, and practices of the Moravian Church. Highly recommended.

Staff Email contains biographical information and contact information for every member of our staff.

Committees & Ministry Groups is a complete listing of all the committees & ministry groups at New Philadelphia, including a complete list of members.

Boards is a protected directory that is used by our Elders & Trustees.