Congregational Council

On Sunday, October 21 at 5 p.m. we gather in the Fellowship Hall for our annual Congregational Council meeting. 

Nominees for board members are… 

Elders: Dan Franklin, Denise Hunt, Franklin Nifong,  Grace Shutt, Lisa Sutcliffe;

Trustees: Bill Byrd, Constance Linville, Tina McSwain, David Stanfield, Miranda Vaden, Earl Wall, Becky Ward;

Council Secretary: OPEN.

The Votes are In:

Elected to the Board of Elders: Grace Shutt, Franklin Nifong, Jack Shore

Elected to the Board of Trustees: Bill Byrd, Constance Linville, Earl Wall, Becky Ward

2019 Council Secretary: Emily McNeill

Thank you to those whose service is ending this year – your time and talent as a board member was greatly appreciated: Judy Cline, Mitzi Dease, Joe Jarvis, Beth Byrd, Mike Johnson, Tim Ward, Paul Williams

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