Below are fellow congregants who have accepted nominations to serve on our Church Board as an Elder or Trustee, and/or a Synod delegate.  

Voting takes place during Congregational Council on Sunday, October 24 at 5:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

Get to know your nominees HERE

Accepted Nominations – Board of Elders (3 board positions)

  • Erin Key
  • Jerry Tucker
  • Lou Ann Jackson
  • Emily McNeil
  • Evon Crooks

Accepted Nominations – Board of Trustees (4 board positions)

  • Wayne Jones
  • Doug Gerringer
  • Bob MacReynolds
  • Katherine Teague
  • Preston Corbett

Accepted Nominations – Synod Delegate (6 delegates, 20% of delegates should be board members; alternates need to be elected as well)

  • Will Spach
  • Tina Spach
  • Franklin Nifong
  • David Stanfield
  • Beth Byrd
  • Bruce Bradley
  • Kay Windsor
  • Emily McNeil
  • Earl Wall
  • Michael Crane
  • Joey Transou
  • Jerry Taylor
  • Hollie Tucker Gomez
  • Katherine Teague
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