This Sunday – the 3rd Sunday in Lent – we’ll take a look at some verses in Isaiah 55 and Luke 13 and we’ll explore some difficult questions that these passages raise:


  1. WHY? Seriously, WHY?
  2. Does EVERYTHING really happen for a REASON?
  3. If something bad happens to me, is it because of sin? Always? (hmm, did you ever read the book of Job?) And, if so, WHOSE sin?
  4. Is there such a thing as “WORSE SINNERS?”
  5. Who is the “EVERYONE” that Isaiah invites to the banquet and who are the “ALL” that Jesus says need to repent or perish?
  6. If DIGGING around a fig tree and putting MANURE on it helps it bear fruit, what kind of “stuff” that happens to us might help to make our lives more fruitful?
  7. And the BIG question: Can we ever really understand how AMAZING God’s GRACE is?

Mrs. Rachel Moody Weavil is the Administrative Assistant at New Philadelphia Moravian Church

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