Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Do not come to church on Sunday. As a pastor I thought that I would never say those words but it is a necessity in this unprecedented time. In an effort to play our part in minimizing the effects of COVID-19, the Board of Elders has decided to not hold our weekly services as normally scheduled. We are also canceling Sunday School and children and youth events.

We will be offering a live-streamed service on Sunday morning at 10:00. It will be streamed on our Facebook page. We are working on other ways to make it available and will share that information when we have it worked out.

The service will feature our choirs and musicians and will be as close to the regular service as possible. The only thing missing will be the congregation. So please make effort to join together as an online community. Continue to give your tithes and offerings by mailing them in or giving through our church website. If you need assistance in using this feature on our site, please call Donna Wright or Rachel Weavil at the church office.

Committees, teams, and other small group gatherings will continue for the time being.

The church is not going to be closed nor will our ministry cease. We are needed now as much as we ever have been.

During these days and weeks, may this be our prayer for each other and the world:

Allow light to cast out darkness, allow faith to overcome fear, allow hope to destroy doubt, allow love to be stronger than hate. O Lord, hear our prayer.

In Christ’s abounding love,

Pastor Joe

Rev.  Joe Moore
New Philadelphia Moravian Church

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