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Announcing an additional worship opportunity at New Philly:


Let me explain the purpose of this new opportunity mathematically (what it isn’t and what it is):


Its not division (we don’t want to split up the folks who are already connecting with the services we offer)


It’s not subtraction (nothing that is being offered now will be taken away. The 9:30 service will continue “as is” with a blend of music and styles; the Worship Team will continue to lead hymns and songs (we will not divide the choir into Chancel and Beracahgroups), Sunday School will remain at the same time, etc.).


It is addition: An 11:30 Service will be added. It will begin with a time of singing to give Sunday School folks time to arrive in the sanctuary and will include News of the Church, Scripture Readings, Prayer, a message, and opportunities for interaction and response.


It is multiplication: Having 2 “cells” that can grow will often multiply the number of people participating in worship.


So, on June 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th and July 24th we will have a 9:30 Service and an 11:30 service (with Sunday School at 10:45).


On Sunday, July 31st, there will only be a 9:30 service, followed by Sunday School and a Congregational Potluck Luncheon that will provide an opportunity for us all to be together in fellowship.


On Sunday, August 7th, we will have our “Service on the Mountain” at Laurel Ridge. Stay tuned for more details on that.


On August 14th, 21st, and 28th we will continue with the 9:30 and 11:30 services. Then we will see how well the additional opportunity is serving its purpose (addition and multiplication) and see where we go from there.

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