We are all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus and the socially distanced isolation we feel from behind our smile hiding masks.  Some are feeling it more than others.  Not everyone feels their worship needs met by a live-streamed service.  The handshakes and hugs we used to receive in Sunday School, at choir practices and before and after circle and committee meetings leave us hungry for the human contact that was part of our church experience.  Maybe you just need to sit for a time in the sacred space of our sanctuary in meditative prayer. 

Whenever something happens to cause significant changes in our lives, we find ourselves needing to deal with what are important losses in our lives.  What losses has this pandemic caused in your life?

We have no idea just when these things will be restored, but we need to try to do something to gauge the depth of our needs and to see how we might be helpful until that time comes. 

The Board of Elders offers you this opportunity to share about how you are experiencing these days by responding to a few questions.



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