Per the latest CDC recommendations, church member Nancy Leonard has been making cloth facial masks for friends, family, and elderly neighbors.  Her original batch of 12 is gone and she is currently working on a request for more. 

“I started working on them in the morning and hope to have around 16 or 17 made by the end of the day. People have tried to pay me for them, but they are truly a labor of love for me and one small way that I can give back and do something to help during these uncertain times.  I am making mine from scrap/leftover material that I had in my craft room, so they are quite festive and come in an interesting variety of colors and patterns.  I will continue to make them as long as they are needed and as long as I have sufficient supplies to do it.”

Nancy would like to share her masks with our congregation; she’s making and donating masks for anyone who needs them.  You may contact Pastor Joe if you’d like to have one (

While Nancy claims she is NOT anything close to an expert seamstress, she has designed a method that is super easy … (you only need to be able to use an iron and sew a straight seam on a sewing machine).  If anyone wants to learn how to make masks, she can also teach you pretty quickly.


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