Bearing Fruit

4 Sundays ● 4 Topics

Practices of Fruitful Congregations

4-6pm each evening, including meal fellowship!


February 21 | Radical Hospitality | WFU Office of Jewish Life

How can hospitality be radical?  It can exceed expectations, ask us to give the utmost of ourselves to offer invitation.  Our acts of hospitality offer the liberation and freedom found in the love of God.

To help us experience this call to hospitality, everyone is invited to partake in a Passover Seder.

The Passover offers us a glimpse into the life of Jesus and demonstrates God’s commitment to the wellbeing of all God’s children expressed through it.  What might we learn about keeping the door open in welcome?

** RSVP required for Meal Preparations and Table set-up **


February 28 | Extravagant Generosity | Crisis Control Ministries

What is generosity?  We are called to a readiness, a fullness of giving – but what most might be gained in our giving?  Join us as we experience a simulation of what life may be for many in our community,

so we better understand the depth and breadth of our community’s reality.

Volunteers from around our community will join us to present the Crisis Control Poverty Simulation.

We’ll share in a pot-luck meal fellowship for Dinner, bring your favorite comfort foods!

** RSVP required for Event Prep, as it is tailored especially for us **


March 6 | Passionate Worship | The Rev. David Guthrie

Worship at its best connects people with God and one another, opens us to the experience of God’s grace and the doing of God’s word, and forms us into the Body of Christ.  Through experiences and conversation, we’ll explore possible ways that worship can fill us with warmth, graciousness, belonging and inspiration.

Share in Subway sandwich options for this evening’s meal!


March 13 | Risk-taking Mission & Service | The Rt. Rev. Sam Gray

God’s process of forming disciples happens through our practice of Christ’s compassion, mercy and justice with others.  Join in this time of thinking about our gifts and skills and how they can be shared to meet the needs of compassion, mercy and justice in our world.

Share in a pizza & salad dinner for this evening’s meal!


New Philly Kids Passport to Paul! Our Kindergarten – 5th graders Lenten Journey

Children are invited to participate fully in the Seder meal on Feb 21. For the Sessions on Feb 28, Mar 6, Mar 13, Children will gather in the Discovery Classroom. We’ll be learning about Paul and the many places he visited during his call and missionary journeys through story, games and activities.


Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship is invited to join with everyone for the Seder meal on Feb 21. For the Sessions on Feb 28, Mar 6, Mar 13, youth will gather in the Youth Building unless otherwise announced.

Please RSVP for Lenten Program events, for 2/21 by 2/15 and 2/28 by 2/22, by calling the Church Office 336-765-2331, emailing Rachel at or fill out this form: RSVP Lenten Programs


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