If you have tuned into our Worship Services over the past two Sundays (December 13 and December 20) you have experienced the first two parts of a “Light of Christ Trilogy.”

On the third Sunday in Advent, I began the trilogy with a sermon on John 1:6 – 8, where we heard a man named John bearing witness to the True Light. John told the people gathered on the other side of the Jordan River that the Light was already among them but they just didn’t realize it or recognize it.

That Sunday I invited all of you to send in your “seeing the Light of Christ among us” stories. Fifteen of you responded and I shared those amazing stories on Sunday, December 20 (part two of the “Light of Christ Trilogy”).

This coming Sunday, December 27, Clyde Manning will complete the trilogy by reading from John 1:10 – 18, and sharing stories about the light of Christ shining in and through many of you!

My prayer is that these reflections on (and of) the light will illuminate our path as we enter a new year. On Sunday, January 3rd, I will preach on “The Promise and Presence of the Lord” (Jeremiah 31:7- 14) and on Sunday, January 10, we will celebrate Holy Communion in observance of the Epiphany. I look forward to discerning and living into all that God has in store for us in 2021.

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