The Board of World Mission rejoices with the Moravian Church in Newfoundland & Labrador upon the commissioning of six new lay ministers. We invite your prayers for Sam Saunders, Dieter Holeiter, Sophie Ford, Sarah Jensen, Sybil Hunter, and Doris Boase (pictured below) as they step into their new ministry roles.

This was the culmination of a lay minister training program created in response to the area’s recent shortage of pastors. Rt. Rev. Chris Giesler, BWM Director of Mission Engagement; Rt. Rev. Paul Graf; and Rev. Jason Andersen led the training program via Zoom this past spring and Bishops Giesler and Graf traveled to Labrador in August for the commissioning services in Goose Bay/Happy Valley and Hopedale.

While in Goose Bay/Happy Valley, Bishops Giesler and Graf also held a special communion service and an installation service for two Chapel Servants. This was a welcomed occasion because this community had not celebrated communion for over two years due to the Covid lockdown and the fact that they did not have a pastor or lay ministers.

The commissioning of these lay ministers is a hopeful step for the Moravian Church in Newfoundland & Labrador. They also look forward to the future leadership of three candidates for ordained ministry from the area: Linda Saunders, McKinley Winters, and Darlene Winters. Please keep Sister Linda in your prayers as she recently suffered a stroke and is in the recovery process.

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