A word from Pastor Sam:Sunday, August 2


This Sunday, August 2nd, is the 9th Sunday after Pentecost. That’s not exactly a major festival on the church calendar! We celebrated our 174th Anniversary last Sunday and in a couple of weeks we will be celebrating the Festival of August 13th with Holy Communion and a S’moresLovefeast! But Sunday, August 2nd is part of what is called “Ordinary Time” in the church year.


That’s OK, because God seems to specialize in making the ordinary… extraordinary! God turns a tiny seed into a shrub that can take over a garden. God changes hearts and transforms lives. And on this “ordinary Sunday” we will see that Jesus not only turned a few loaves of bread and some fish into a banquet for thousands of people, he also helped his disciples discover the joy of serving others! And the amazing thing is that he can continue to work that miracle in us.


I’m an ordinary person. And my guess is that most of you would call yourselves that as well. But when we come into God’s presence in worship, and when we pray to God with “sincerity” and with open hearts and minds, God can do extraordinary things in us and through us… even on an “ordinary Sunday!”

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