Updated 6/5/2012. This PDF Introduction to the Moravian Church consist of c. 200 Power Point Slides. It describes the history and theology of Moravian Church from the time of John Hus (15th Century) through the time of Zinzendorf (18th Century) to the present day. This author began this Introduction while a member of the Inter-Provincial Faith and Order Commission c. 2002 and worked to complete it for the first Moravian Festival in 2011. He wishes to thank Br. Bill Ray III for his generous donation of many photographs of New Philadelphia in worship, working, and at play, and the Rev. Dr. C. Daniel Crews for taking the time to check the historical accuracy of the presentation. That said, this Slideshow is a work in progress, especially where the changes in our Southern Province have occurred. Many things have changed—like the Board of Cooperative Ministries, which is now seeking a new director, and many other things are changing. Our history is still being written. However, I am daring to put this out this version of the Slideshow because in hopes that readers will send along their feedback and make it better in the future.

This PDF Slideshow is 35 Megabytes in size, and will take a while to download. If there is a difficult with the download, refresh your browser. Users must be able to open PDF’s on their computer to this presentation. Save the Slideshow to the desktop, and run it from there—otherwise users will find themselves reloading it several times. Depending upon how the reader views the Slideshow, the internal links may not be active in this PDF version.

Other Moravian Churches are free to link to this Slideshow, and those that so desire may request a POWERPOINT version on CD. In accordance with the instructions contained in the presentation, churches may modify certain slides depicting New Philadelphia Moravian Church with slides depicting life in their own congregations. So, too, certain slides may be omitted from the presentation, and these are also noted. A special thank-you goes out to Kay Windsor for her extensive edits! Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Worth Green, Pastor.

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