The late Dr. James J. Heller was Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Prior to that, he was Professor of Biblical Theology at Moravian Theological Seminary. He held the B.A. in Philosophy from Texas Christian University and the B.D. and Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. Way back in 1982 the late Dr. James J. Heller wrote a booklet for the women’s fellowship entitled, “OUR VICTORIOUS LAMB:A Manual for the Study
of The Book of Revelation.” It was the best study guide to the most mysterious book in the New Testament I had ever encountered. Before his death, Dr. Heller gave me permission to publish the manual on-line, and it was available in HTML form for many years. It has now been updated to PDF which you can down load here. File is 31 Megabytes and will take a while to download. Save it to your desktop to open in Adobe Acrobat (Windows) or Preview (Apple). It may be printed. The Pastor

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