This coming Sunday we will focus on the first of 6 Stewardship “Keys” for 2021. The first key is “Worship.” We will look at the connection that our Lord Jesus has established between “Worship” and ‘Service” and we’ll see that the One we worship is the One we will serve and the One we serve is the One we will worship.

If your Sunday School class is not looking at the first two chapters of the “Practicing the King’s Economy” book in preparation for this Sunday, you are invited to attend a Zoom session this evening (Monday, February 22nd) at 7:00 p.m. Here is the link for that session, hosted by Michael Crane:


Because of the technical issues this past Sunday, unless you were present in the sanctuary you were not able to hear some of the Lenten hymns and announcements. We will repeat some of those hymns this coming Sunday and also during the remaining Sundays in Lent.

Evon Crooks gave an update on the H.O.P.E. ministry. You will have an opportunity to hear that announcement again.

Mac Greenwood announced the very encouraging results of the Scouting For Food Drive. That announcement will also be shared again during the coming week.

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