New Philadelphia Easter Celebration Window Art Challenge

This activity is for EVERYONE, kids and adults, too. Join in the fun and let’s decorate for Easter AND share the message with our community that Jesus is risen!

You will need:

• small containers
• Tempera paint (get it anywhere in the craft aisle)
• dish soap
• painters tape
• drop cloth or plastic table cloth

Before you begin painting, place painters tape on window edges and window frame. Cover the floor with a drop cloth or plastic table cloth.

1. Start by choosing a few different colors of paint and adding a small amount to each bowl.

2. Next, add a few drops of dish soap to the paint and mix.

3. Once the mixture has been mixed well, it can be painted on to the windows. Painters tape can also be used to create lines or borders.

The window paint will dry on the windows but can easily be washed off with a cloth and warm water.

Windex will get rid of any remaining streaks.

Super easy and fun! Clean up is a breeze.

Once your masterpiece is finished, send Evie a pic ( so we can include it in our pre-service news! Set your creativity free!

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