KEEPING CONNECTIONS: Because we are not able to meet together in person and we are sometimes using tools to connect that we are unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with, I am collecting questions and finding answers to some of your technology connection questions.

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Q: What is Zoom for listeners?

A: It’s a videoconference without the use of video for those members who do not have computers. They use phones to call Zoom on Sunday mornings and listen to the worship service together (but at their homes).

Q; Why is Zoom used for listening to the livestreamed worship?

A: It’s a video meeting platform used for connecting many people at once (up to 100 on our New Philadelphia account). More than 50 of our members do not use email, texting or computers, so it’s a way of connecting those members and allowing them to share the worship services while at home.*

Q: What is the number and information I can give to my neighbor who does not have a computer?

A: Call 1-312-626-6799. Put in Meeting ID: 964-800-685 and Passcode 796040

You can also join our group of listeners WITH video by following this link:

Q: Why is the number for Zoom in Chicago? Isn’t that a toll number?

A: The phone number is one of the toll numbers available from Zoom on New Philly’s Zoom Pro account. No toll-free numbers are available. If you want to call in and do not have a long distance plan, call Clyde for possible solutions.

Q: How can I help?

A: If you would like to host the Zoom for listeners one week or co-host to see how it works (while enjoying the worship service with a few friends), call or email Kay Windsor for more information (336-692-8529). If you already view the livestreamed worship, you could simply share your screen on Zoom and watch it as the group listens. And you have the company of others to share the service.

*Members call a toll number to Zoom, put in a meeting number and passcode, and they are connected to a member’s computer in Winston-Salem where the screen is shared with the Zoom listeners so they can hear the service. Before worship and after, the callers are able to ask questions, talk and check in with each other. It often feels like a small congregation meeting together. Or worshippers sitting near each other and giving a virtual right hand of fellowship.

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