Note it on your calendar now! 

The Fall Blood Drive takes place Monday, October 19 from 2:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. in the OLD FELLOWSHIP HALL (drive around to the back of the church).

To schedule an appointment, visit and use sponsor code: New Philly Moravian, or contact Michael Crane at

All donors need a photo ID. Remember to eat iron-rich foods and hydrate one week prior to donation.

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Get those papers together and bring them to New Philadelphia Moravian on Saturday, October 17.

Safe and secure professional shredding from 9 until noon.  Only $5 per box.  Enter from Kilpatrick St. and drive thru.  We unload.  You don’t even have to get out of your car!

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Many of you know that, in addition to the text or watchword for the day, our Daily Texts include some Scripture readings for the day. This week I have been enjoying reading through one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 107. The psalm speaks of people who are facing many different challenges and difficult situations. Some are in deserts – geographically, spiritually or emotionally – longing to be refreshed; some are in prison – bound by forces (hatred, violence, addictions…) that hold them down and keep them from being free; some are sick and suffering because of physical ailments, crying out for health and strength and daily bread; some are facing storms that disrupt their worlds as they try to go about the business of living.


In the Psalm, all of these people cry out to God and God saves and redeems all of them! But it is interesting to note that God does this in different ways because their needs are different. People in deserts (like the folks in places that are being destroyed by fire and being turned into parched lands) need lots of water. But water is the last thing that people in the midst of storms (like those on the Gulf Coast) need right now. And God’s response to those who are sick and to those who are in prison is not the same, but each response serves the need that is present.


Now, what if all of these folks – the ones in the desert, the ones in prison, the ones facing illness, the ones in the midst of storms – what if they would start discussing and debating and arguing about how God works in the world? What if one of them would say, “God is a God who leads us to water!” and another would respond, “Huh? No way! God gets us out of the water!” And then the person who has been cured and the one who has been set free might start debating the details of God’s redemptive process. No!! The psalmist says that all of these people need to give thanks to God together and share their stories so that we can gain a greater understanding of who God is and how God works in the world. Then we all can “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good… and his love endures forever!”


Bishop Gray

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We are all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus and the socially distanced isolation we feel from behind our smile hiding masks.  Some are feeling it more than others.  Not everyone feels their worship needs met by a live-streamed service.  The handshakes and hugs we used to receive in Sunday School, at choir practices and before and after circle and committee meetings leave us hungry for the human contact that was part of our church experience.  Maybe you just need to sit for a time in the sacred space of our sanctuary in meditative prayer. 

Whenever something happens to cause significant changes in our lives, we find ourselves needing to deal with what are important losses in our lives.  What losses has this pandemic caused in your life?

We have no idea just when these things will be restored, but we need to try to do something to gauge the depth of our needs and to see how we might be helpful until that time comes. 

The Board of Elders offers you this opportunity to share about how you are experiencing these days by responding to a few questions.



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KEEPING CONNECTIONS: Because we are not able to meet together in person and we are sometimes using tools to connect that we are unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with, we are collecting questions and finding answers to some of your technology/connection questions. 


This can be an interactive column: you ask questions, but if you know answers too, share them! Send questions (and answers) to


Q: How can I update my email address if I am not receiving the newsletter and other notifications from the New Philadelphia site? 

If you currently do not receive the newsletter, you can email the church office ( If you want to be updated about posts on the website, you can subscribe via the link on the website.


Q: Are REALM and Instant Church Directory the same thing? If I change my email on one, does it automatically update on the other?

REALM and Instant Church Directory are two separate items. Changing one does not automatically update all.  REALM includes church membership records and giving records. See more about Realm at  Log in to Instant Church Directory using the email listed for you in the church membership roll. You can create a login by following the link on Questions? Contact Nancy Holland at or Kay Windsor at


Q: When can we get print copies of the church directory? 

The church directory can be printed. HOWEVER, it is a living document and changes constantly so a printed edition isn’t really worthwhile.


Q: How can I view past worship services on Facebook or YouTube?

If you go to the Facebook page, there should be an option for VIDEOS – this will take you to all the videos the church has posted including past services. If you go to the YouTube channel, the past services should automatically populate on the page.


Q: How can I view the live-streamed service on Sunday morning?

You can view the live stream service by going to – from there you can view the service.  You may also click the LIVE link on our webpage and it will take you directly to Facebook.


Q: Is there some other way, a platform other than Facebook, to view our live-streamed services on Sunday? I don’t use Facebook. I understand I can bypass the login, and I understand that the comments that can be shared are a good way to connect, but can’t we also do that on other platforms like Vimeo? I appreciate the new links on the page and it’s good to have them in the emailed newsletter. Thanks!

To stream on two different platforms requires more bandwidth than what we currently have, so right now the only way to view it live is via Facebook.  YouTube now has a chat feature, but Facebook has additional features that the church currently uses.  Things keep evolving, so it is possible that in the future the church may move or add an additional live-stream platform.  We’d like feedback on the reasons people would prefer a different platform.  Some people say they can watch YouTube on their TV, but can’t get Facebook on their TV – we’d like to know how many people are in this position and what other reasons folks have for wanting the platform to change. Contact Valerie Crane at

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Zach Wright Announcement


We are pleased to announce that Zach Wright is joining our New Philadelphia team as Director of Youth Ministry. Zach was “discovered” by the Youth Team, recommended to the Staff Resources Committee and approved by the Joint Board. Pastor Sam has met with him several times to discuss his vision for youth ministry. Zach’s ministry will be an answer to prayer since we know it will help to reinvigorate New Philadelphia’s Youth Ministry.


Zach is originally from Visalia, CA where there are more cows than there are people. He began his journey toward a vocational calling in youth ministry when he was just in middle school as his youth leader began to mentor him in ministry. Once he graduated from high school, he moved to southern California to attended Azusa Pacific University and focused his studies on a degree in youth ministry while also spending too much time at Disneyland. He quickly jumped into youth ministry by spending three summers working at Hume Lake Christian Camps and then went on to do an internship in youth ministry at Hope Chapel Maui in Hawaii. After that, he moved to North Carolina and continued his work in ministry by helping Hume Lake run a camp in Hawaii and then spent a summer at Summit Ministries in Colorado doing worldview training with youth. He now lives in Clemmons and is attending Liberty University online to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Religion with an emphasis in NextGen Ministry.


He is hoping to help NPMC build a foundational youth ministry that will help grow our youth to be ready for life after high school. Zach plans on helping bridge the gap between NPMC Youth and the rest of the church body so that the youth can see themselves not as the church of the future, but as part of the church today.


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