Church Information

Information about the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum)

Information for our Members, Friends, & Visitors

Interested in Our Church Property?

  • NPMC: Use of the Church Property A paper describing how we use and care for our church’s building. This document is very useful for those who are planning a wedding or other event at New Philadelphia.
  • NPMC: Property Request Form Print out and complete the form if you wish to reserve a room in the church. 
  • NPMC: Wedding Contract Rules & Regulations for having your wedding at New Philadelphia. This document was prepared by our joint board to ensure that everything goes exactly right with your wedding.
  • NPMC: Marriage Ceremony The Marriage Ceremony ordinarily used by our pastors. Use it to help plan your wedding.
  • NPMC: Using the TV/Monitor A paper describing how to use the TV/Monitor for those who reserve the Banquet Room.


Church Leadership – Boards & Committee Information

  • NPMC: Strategic Goals Distilled from several dozen Tactical Goals that grew out of a weekend planning retreat.
  • NPMC: Board Members This list includes the year that an officer finishes his or her term.
  • NPMC: Committee Appointments A list of all the committees that serve New Philadelphia, including the names of those that chair and serve on the committees.
  • NPMC: Greeter Lock-Up Usher Schedule A list of Board members assigned to Greet and/or Lock-up on Sundays; as well as an Usher schedule. This is a living document and is subject to change or updates on a regular basis.

Questions about Funerals or our Graveyard?

  • NPMC: Funeral and Graveyard Regulations This is a guide for members planning interments in our graveyard or placements in our columbarium.
  • NPMC: Pre-Planned Funeral Forms At the request of several members, we have started to update our file of Pre-Planned Funeral Services. If you are interested, download the PDF file, print it, fill it out, and put it in the mail or drop it by the church office.