This Sunday, July 12, we will remember the martyrdom of John Hus. His death eventually led to the birth of what we now call the Moravian Church. John Hus was committed to God’s truth and committed to the principle that all of God’s people should have the opportunity to be in communion with Jesus Christ at the Lord’s Table.
As part of our worship, we will offer two different ways to share in Holy Communion:
  • The first will be as part of our 10:00 live-stream worship service. If you are planning to participate in Holy Communion please be ready with your own bread and your own cup. Feel free to use whatever type of bread and whatever kind of beverage you prefer.
  • The second will be our Drive-In Holy Communion in the church parking lot. The service will begin at 12:00. Please plan to arrive no earlier than 11:30. When you arrive, go first to the portico (by the office entrance). There you will receive the communion elements and the Order of Worship. When you park, be sure to park in the parking space so that you are facing Country Club Rd. You can also back into the spaces that are on the side nearest South Fork School. Please do not park in the back row of the parking lot (near the Scout building).
Also, please make sure that there is an open space between your car and those on either side. Please do not park in spaces that are marked with an X. And remain in your cars so that we can practice the proper social distancing and keep everyone safe and healthy.
We will be physically distanced but spiritually close to Christ and to each other.
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