Susan Cook is on her way to Haiti —– for the 23rd time!

Susan, a pediatric nurse, is joining 22 other skilled men and women to provide medical care to the people of the Leogane region.  The team, representing several denominations, is working through the Children’s Nutrition Program, a non-profit organization based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Susan serves on the organization’s advisory board.

While entire families will receive care, it’s the children who are the focus.  “It’s not unusual to encounter a 9-month-old baby who weighs 10 pounds,” Susan explains.  “In addition to treating ill and mal-nourished children, there is a program component that provides education for the mothers.  This includes information about hygiene, clean water and preparing nutritious meals.  The mothers can then share the information with others in their communities.”

On this trip, Susan will also be sharing New Philadelphia’s lamb ministry.  “We always find that there are families that have fallen between the cracks and need special attention,” she says.  “These lambs give us a way to minister to these families and bless them.  In sharing a lamb from our church, I’m also sharing a word of the Gospel.”

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