This past Sunday, I challenged all of you to take seriously Jesus’s statement that some things can only be faced head on with prayer and fasting. I asked you to choose one mealtime this week (or any week) when, instead of eating, you would use the time to join in battling the Coronavirus and its variants by “praying this thing away,” even as we continue to act responsibly and thoughtfully. Michael Crane shared some resources with me from a website called “The Grotto.” I have summarized some of their information to offer you a sense of focus for your time of prayer and fasting this week.


Let’s all pray:


  • For the Coronavirus to stop spreading and for all of us to do our part in helping that happen.
  • For people who are infected with the Coronavirus and/or facing quarantine
  • For medical professionals, caregivers, and researchers, and all those responsible for fighting the Coronavirus.
  • For leaders responsible for making decisions about the Coronavirus.
  • For families adjusting to new ways of life.
  • For business owners and families facing financial stress.
  • For grocery store workers and delivery drivers.
  • For health and healing.
  • For peace and comfort for those who have lost loved ones.
  • For a sense of solidarity and community in facing this together.


Pastor Sam

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